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How do I wax/finish a floor properly?

The first step is to strip the old wax/finish off the surface of the floor.

Using a product like Power Strip, mix with water and apply generously to the floor surface with a mop.

Using a stripping pad (BLACK PAD) and a floor machine begin agitating the surface of the floor. Mop up excess chemical and old finish. If any old finish remains on floor repeat until all old finish is removed.

Once ALL old finish is removed, mix Neutralizer with rinse water to flood rinse the floor and neutralize the strpper. Use a mop or wet dry vacuum to pick up solution of rinse water.

Using a NEW mop, and new solution of rinse water diluted with Neutralizer apply final rinse to the floor. Allow to dry thoroughly before applying finish.

Second step is applying the Floor Finish to the floor. 

a) Before applying finish to the floor make sure to put out wet floor/area closed signs to prevent foot traffic until floor is dry.

b) Place a garbage bag or plastic liner into the mop bucket and add floor finish (Performer) or sealer (Precoat). Using a "Finish Mop" soak in finish/sealer for 8-10 minutes allowing mop to become thoroughly saturated. Lightly wring out mop to remove excess solution (THIN UNIFORM COATS)

c)Start by outlining the parameter of the room or a manageable work area. Next fill in the area using figure 8 motions (remember to turn mop over each time so that both sides of mop are used) applying a thin uniform coat.

d)Allow to dry for at least 30 minutes before applying further coats. (Not recommended to go over 4 coats per day) note: Allow to dry completely each time before burnishing with a White polishing pad.

Do you have any products that are EcoLogo?

We carry certain products that are "EcoLogo", we also carry Precision Chemical Mfg.'s in house "Green Certified" products. Due to the different "Green" certified companies and their varying guidelines, Precision Chemical Mfg. took the common parameters and regulations to come up with our own "Green" chemical line. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

The truth about antibacterial and antimicrobial soaps and detergents.

Many of us seem to be confused about the different types of hand soaps out there. There are the "Anti-bacterial", "Anti=microbial", and then just your plain old fashioned hand soap. While in the last few years society has been on a kick about "Anti-bacterial", many of us don't know that these anti-bacterial and anti-microbial hand soaps are drastically affecting our rivers and streams. Due to the anti-bacterial agent "Triclosan" it is killing the good bacteria in the natural environment, as well as killing both good and bad bacterial on our skin cells thus causing problems with our immunity systems. If you wash your hands with a hand soap that is slightly alkaline (above a pH of 7) it will remove kill the germson hands but won't eleminate all the good bacteria, it also rapidly breaks down and won't effect the rivers and water systems helping to promote a more well balanced ecosystem.