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Floor Finishes/Sealers
  • Arena Wax-2

    Arena Wax

    • A high quality black matte floor wax designed specifically for Arena Tiles
    • Good wear resistance

  • Avmor® Ecopure

    Avmor® Ecopure" EP80" Multi-Use Floor Coating

    • Gloss, Durability, Recoatability, and Removability Are Excellent
    • Excellent for Vinyl Composition, Linoleum, Sheet Vinyl, Concrete, Terrazzo, Quarry, Mexican Tile and Most Resilient Type Flooring

  • Avmor® Premiere

    Avmor® Premiere" Superior Floor Finish

    • High Gloss, Superior Durability, Excellent Detergent Resistance
    • Suited For Low, Periodic and High Maintenance Schedules
    • Excellent Scuff and Black Heel Mark Resistance

  • Diversey

    Diversey" Carefree® Floor Finish/Sealer

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    • Versatile Floor Sealer/Finish For All Floor Types
    • Exceptional Clarity, High Gloss And Excellent Durability
    • Easy To Apply and Remover

  • Diversey

    Diversey" Carefree® Matte Floor Finish

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    • Versatile Floor Finish For A Variety of Subtrates and Methods
    • Low Gloss To Hide Blemishes, Cut Lines, Traffic Lanes, Etc.
    • 18.9 L Envirobox

  • Diversey

    Diversey" Floor Science® Easy Apply Floor Finish

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    • 17% Solid Content Gives Low Maintenance, High Durability And Great Value Finish
    • Can Be Used on All Resilient Floors, Vinyl, Rubber, Linoleum
    • Can Be Used on Non-resilient Floors Such As Concrete, Terrazzo Should Be Sealed

  • Diversey

    Diversey" High Mileage® Floor Finish

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    • High Solids, Low Odor, Excellent Gloss Floor Finish
    • Install Up To Five Coats In One Night
    • Outstanding Durability In Heavy Traffic

  • Diversey

    Diversey" Over & Under®Plus Sealer

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    • Improves Performance of Floor Finishes by Providing Better Adhesion, Leveling and Enhances Gloss
    • Easy To Apply and Removed

  • Supreme-1


    • Effective on all porous hard surfaces
    • Non-slip & Extremely durable coating
    • Water and Stain repellency