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Floor Care
  • 3M-1


    • Light Duty, Black Vinyl, Slip Resistant Padded Textured Mat
    • Perfect for Work Stations, Walkways, Assembly Lines
    • Roll Sizes: 3'x60' or 4'x60'

  • 3M-1


    • Heavy Duty Vinyl Textured Solid Top Anti-fatigue Mat
    • Ideal For Dry Areas, Work Stations, Walkways, Assembly Lines
    • Roll Sizes: 3'x50' or 4'x50'

  • 3M

    3M" Aqua Burnish Pad 3100

    • Buffing Pad For Ultra High Speed Floor Machine 1500 RPM
    • Produces Brilliant Gloss, Great On Soft Finishes
    • Exceptional Durability and Life

  • 3M

    3M" Black Stripper Pad 7200

    • Use With Water-based Floor Finish Stripper To Remove Old Finish
    • Consistant And Proven As An Industry Standard Pad

  • 3M

    3M" Blue Cleaner Pad 5300

    • For Heavy Duty Scrubbing Prior To Recoating As Well As Heavy Duty Spray Cleaning or Foam Scrubbing
    • Removes Scuffs, Spills, Dirt For A Clean Surface For Recoating

  • 3M

    3M" Eraser Burnish Pad 3600

    • Removes Black Marks Faster And Retains Excellent Gloss
    • Minimal Finish Removal

  • 3M

    3M" High Productivity Pad 7300

    • Most Agressive Stripping Pad
    • For Standard, Low Speed Automatic Scrubbers And Rotary Floor Machines (175-600RPM)
    • Fast Removal of Finish And Consistant Stripping

  • 3M

    3M" Natural Blend White Pad 3300

    • Floor Maintenance Burnish Pad Made of Natural Hair and Synthetic Fiber To Produce Exceptional Gloss
    • Excellent Results On A Wide Variety Of Floor Finishes And Traffic Conditions
    • Finished Coated Flooring Such As Sheet Vinyl, Vinyl Tile, Marble, Terrazzo Or Concrete

  • 3M

    3M" Nautral Blend Tad Pad 3500

    • For Use On Harder Finishes and High Traffic Conditions
    • Removes Marks and Scuffs While Polishing on Linoleum, Sheet Vinyl, VCT
    • Made of Natural Hair and Synthetic Fibres

  • 3M

    3M" Red Buffing Pad 5100

    • For Everyday Cleaning Under An Automatic Scrubber
    • Cleans When Damp, Buffs When Dry
    • Cleans And Removes Scuff Marks, For Light-duty Cleaning

  • 3M

    3M" Topline Autoscrubber Pad 5000

    • Ideal For Autoscrubbers
    • For Light Scrubbing Of Floors With Autoscrubber Prior To Burnishing
    • Excellent Daily Cleaning Pad, Helps Maintain Floor Appearance

  • 3M

    3M" Topline Speed Burnish Pad 3200

    • Optimizes UHS Burnishing On A Wide Variety Of Finishes
    • Combines Black Mark Removal And Gloss Generation In One Pad

  • 3M

    3M" White Super Polish Pad 4100

    • Can Be Used To Polish Wood Floors, Spray Cleaning Or Dry Buffing Soft Finishes Using A Rotary Machine
    • Floor Surfaces Such As Linoleum, Sheet Vinyl, VCT

  • Airsoft-1


    • Light Duty Anti-Fatigue Mat
    • Perfect for Cashiers, Offices, Work Stations, Etc.
    • Individual Sizes and Custom Cuts Available

  • Airsoft-1


    • Light Duty Vinyl Diamond Plated Anti-Fatigue Mat
    • Perfect For Cashiers, Offices, Work Stations, Etc.
    • Individual Sizes and Custom Cuts Available

  • Arena Wax-2

    Arena Wax

    • A high quality black matte floor wax designed specifically for Arena Tiles
    • Good wear resistance

  • Avmor® Ecopure-1

    Avmor® Ecopure

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    • High Performance, Low Odor, Butyl Free, Ammonia Free Floor Stripper
    • Designed To Remove Conventional Zinc Crosslinked and Zinc Free Floor Finishes
    • Rinses Quickly Without Leaving Residual Alkali

  • Avmor® Ecopure

    Avmor® Ecopure" EP80" Multi-Use Floor Coating

    • Gloss, Durability, Recoatability, and Removability Are Excellent
    • Excellent for Vinyl Composition, Linoleum, Sheet Vinyl, Concrete, Terrazzo, Quarry, Mexican Tile and Most Resilient Type Flooring

  • Avmor® Ecopure

    Avmor® Ecopure"EP87"Ultra Floor Stripper

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    • A High Performance Floor Stripper Designed To Remove Both Conventional and Environmentally Preferable Floor Finishes
    • Dissolves Multiple Coats of Finish Without Strong Odor And Rinses Quickly

  • Avmor® Premiere

    Avmor® Premiere" Superior Floor Finish

    • High Gloss, Superior Durability, Excellent Detergent Resistance
    • Suited For Low, Periodic and High Maintenance Schedules
    • Excellent Scuff and Black Heel Mark Resistance

  • Competitor Series-1

    Competitor Series

    • Heavy Duty Rubber Perforated Open Top Anti-Fatigue Mat
    • Slip Resistant Available in Black or Grease Resistant Orange
    • Perfect For Kitchens, Mechanic Shops, Manufacturing, Etc.

  • Cushion Tile-1

    Cushion Tile

    • Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Interlocking Anti-Fatigue Tile
    • Perfect for Wet Areas Machine Shops, Manufacturing, Etc.
    • Individual 1'x1' With Edging Available

  • Diamond Plate Runner-1

    Diamond Plate Runner

    • Medium Duty Vinyl Solid Top Industrial Mat
    • Excellent Slip and Chemical Resistance
    • Rolls and Custom Cuts Available

  • Diamond Rubber-1

    Diamond Rubber

    • Medium to Heavy Duty Rubber Multi-directional Slip Resistant Mat
    • Tough Work Surface Protection and Increased Traction
    • Rolls and Custom Cuts Available

  • Diamond Vinyl Commercial-1

    Diamond Vinyl Commercial

    • Diamond Vinyl Floor Cover That Is Waterproof, Stain, and Mold Resistant
    • A Heavy Duty Mat Perfect for Concrete Floors, Garages, Etc.
    • Roll Size 10'x60' Black or Grey

  • Disinfectant Mat-1

    Disinfectant Mat

    • A Black Rubber Mat For Disinfection Solutions
    • Perfect For Labs, Food Processing, Farms, Vets, Fish Station
    • Individual Size 32"x39" 2 1/2" Thick

  • Diversey-1


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    • Versatile Floor Finish For A Variety of Subtrates and Methods
    • Low Gloss To Hide Blemishes, Cut Lines, Traffic Lanes, Etc.
    • 18.9 L Envirobox

  • Diversey-1


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    • 17% Solid Content Gives Low Maintenance, High Durability And Great Value Finish
    • Can Be Used on All Resilient Floors, Vinyl, Rubber, Linoleum
    • Can Be Used on Non-resilient Floors Such As Concrete, Terrazzo Should Be Sealed

  • Diversey

    Diversey" Attac® Stripper

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    • Formulated For Effective Stripping Reducing the Need to Restrip
    • Cost Effective Solution With Variable Dilution Rates

  • Diversey

    Diversey" Carefree® Floor Finish/Sealer

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    • Versatile Floor Sealer/Finish For All Floor Types
    • Exceptional Clarity, High Gloss And Excellent Durability
    • Easy To Apply and Remover

  • Diversey

    Diversey" High Mileage® Floor Finish

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    • High Solids, Low Odor, Excellent Gloss Floor Finish
    • Install Up To Five Coats In One Night
    • Outstanding Durability In Heavy Traffic

  • Diversey

    Diversey" Over & Under®Plus Sealer

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    • Improves Performance of Floor Finishes by Providing Better Adhesion, Leveling and Enhances Gloss
    • Easy To Apply and Removed

  • Diversey

    Diversey" Stride® Citrus Neutral Cleaner

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    • Concentrated Formulation Deliver Economical Cleaning Performance
    • Low-Foaming Formula And Neutral PH Formulation
    • Certifications: Greenguard, CFIA and Kosher

  • Diversey

    Diversey" Stride® Floral Neutral Cleaner

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    • Concentrated Formulations Deliver Economical Cleaning Performance
    • Low-Foaming Formula
    • Neutral Ph Formulation Doesn't Require Rinsing, Dries Film Free

  • Fine Rib Rubber-1

    Fine Rib Rubber

    • Heavy Duty Rubber Solid Top Slip Resistant Runner
    • Tough Work Surface Protection and Increased Traction/li>
    • Rolls and Custom Cuts Available

  • Foam Fusion-1

    Foam Fusion

    • Vinyl Slip Resistant Diamond Plate Anti-fatigue Mat
    • Perfect for Warehouses, Assembly Lines, Work Benches, Etc.
    • Individual and Custom Sizes Available

  • Gritstop Fingermat

    Gritstop Fingermat"

    • Heavy Duty Rubber Mat With Scraper Fingers and Containment Well
    • Can Handle the Heaviest Soil and Snow Environments
    • Individual Sizes Available

  • Herringbone-1


    • Medium Traffic Mat With Chevron Pattern And Needlepunch Face
    • Good Scraping and Water Wicking Abilities Vinyl Backing
    • Individual Sizes, Rolls, and Custom Cuts Available

  • Industrial Roll-1

    Industrial Roll

    • Medium Duty Reversable Perforated Slip Resistant Industrial Mat
    • Perfect For Restaurants, Warehouses, Fabrication Shops
    • 3'x64' Roll and Custom Cuts Available

  • Neutralizer-1


    • Effectively neutralizes floor wax stripper
    • Biodegradable & Environmentally friendly

  • Performance-1


    • Powder Floor Soap
    • Easily removes dirt and grime

  • Plasti-Grip 4D-1

    Plasti-Grip 4D

    • Heavy Duty, Chemical, Grease, and Slip Resistant Anti-fatigue Mat
    • Drain Channels Allow Excellent Flow In Shower/Locker Rooms, Etc.
    • Individual Sizes and Custom Cuts Available

  • Plasti-Grip Industrial-1

    Plasti-Grip Industrial

    • Heavy Duty Chemical and Slip Resistant Anti-fatigue Mat
    • Perfect for Work Stations, Machining, Spill Zones, Etc.
    • Individual Sizes and Custom Cuts Available

  • Poly-Tuft


    • Cut Pile Entrance Mat With Moderate Soil and Moisture Levels
    • Great for Lobbies, Hallways, Light to Medium Traffic
    • Individual Stock Sizes and Custom Cuts Available

  • Power Strip-1

    Power Strip

    • Concentrated floor stripper
    • Effectively removes built up layers of floor finish
    • Fast acting

  • Premium Knob-1

    Premium Knob

    • Heavy Duty Needlepunch Matting For Indoors or Outdoors
    • Permanently Anti-static, UV Stablility, Mold and Mildew Resistant
    • Individual Sizes and Custom Cuts Available

  • Rubber Boot Scraper-1

    Rubber Boot Scraper

    • Medium Duty Black Rubber Boot Scraper
    • Scraper Fingers Remove Heavy Soil
    • Great For Construction Offices, Garages, etc. 12.6"x15.4"

  • Stand Easy Open Top-1

    Stand Easy Open Top

    • Heavy Duty Versatile Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat Modular Design
    • Perfect For Work Stations, Machine Operating, Assembly Lines
    • Individual Size 3'x3' With Modular Edging Available

  • Style-Point-1


    • Medium Traffic Entrance Mat With Look of Berber
    • Perfect For Lobbies, Medium Traffic Entrances, Hallways
    • Individual Sizes and Custom Cuts Available

  • Supreme Knob-1

    Supreme Knob

    • Super Duty Needlepunch Mat For Heavy Indoor or Outdoor Use
    • Spike and Skate Resistant, UV Stability, Mold and Mildew Resistant
    • Individual Sizes and Custom Cuts Available

  • V-Dek-1


    • Medium Duty Vinyl Mat With Superior Slip Resistance
    • Perfect for Pool Areas, Work Benches, Etc.
    • Individual Size 1'x1' and Modular Edging Available