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December/January 2019  Winter Cleaning Specials



                       Foam Cups & More


                                    6J6 Foam cups 6 oz 1000/cs $29.42

                                    8J8 Foam cups 8 oz 1000/cs $40.49

                                    Powder Creamer Packets 1000/cs $54.25

                                   Sugar Packets 2000/cs $30.75

                                   6" Brown Plastic Stirsticks 1000/box $5.95



2 1/4" x60'    50 rolls/case $41.10

other sizes are also available



               Facial Tissue


  08301 White Swan® 2-ply Facial Tissue                         100 sheets/box 30 boxes/case $31.71

 87030 Scotties® 3-ply Facial Tissue with lotion        70 sheets/box 48 boxes/case   $85.67



         Worx® Hand Cleaner Kit


- Biodegradable

- Cost Effective

- Lifts stains without damaging, drying, or cracking the skin

- Removes various gresaes, solvents, and adhesives

 Kit contains 6.5 oz bottle of powder hand cleaner  (enough to do 150 hand washes) 1 pound dispenser

                $29.95 (limited quantities)

Great stocking stuffer!! 


             Hand Soap


Pinky Hand Soap $17.95/4L

Clear Vu 30 oz bulk soap dispenser $27.98



            Floor Cleaning


All Clean 100 Concentrated Neutral General Purpose Cleaner      $18.98/4L     $79.99/20L


BW-D33100-YE 32 Qt. Grizzly Downpress combo (bucket/wringer)  This is made with a high grade polypropylene construction which prevents cracking and corrosion. The easy pour spout makes it easy to clean. The bucket has 3" non-marking castors and the reinforced gears improve the lifespan of the wringer.  Accepts 16 -32 oz traditional mop heads.  $127.10


BW-S26000  26 Qt bucket/sidepress combo $83.44


Purell® Hand Sanitizer


Purell® Advanced Hand sanitizer Table top pump bottles. 

     $8.50/bottle     $95.70/case (12 bottles)


We do carry other sizes as well just contact our office.


           Polar Plus Ice Melter


This patentend formula melts below -22C.  It works longer than the competitive brands, leaving no oily residue.  Less harmful to grass, trees, and shrubs when used as directed.  Green soluble marker dye shows where product was applied to prevent over spreading

                                $18.95/20kg bag