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April/May 2021 Monthly Specials



                               Detailing Products



RPM is a powerfull yet environmentally friendly degreaser/wash.  It is cost effective and works well with a wide range of water conditions to cut through all the grease and grime that the road can throw at you.

                                             $17.95/4L     $85.65/20L


Tru Shine is a waterless carwash and detail spray that provides a great shine to the vehicle and protects it with a wax finish.  Simple spray n wipe formula.

          20% OFF                   $11.99/500ml      $49.48/4L     $192.76/20L


                             Floor Care Products



Floor Science®Easy Apply Floor Finish has a built in sealer which means the finish acts as its own sealer - no separate product required.  Can be used on all resilient floors including vinyl, vinyl composition, vinyl asbestos, asphalt tile, rubber and linoleum.  Non-resilient floors such as concrete and terrazzo should be sealed with a special sealer.  One gallon covers approximately 2500 sq. ft.

                                           $29.95/3/78L     $123.75/18,9L


All Clean 100 concentrated neutral floor detergent  $19.95/4L

AGF 1762 TuffStuff narrow band medium finish mop  $18.95

AGF 1675 60" Fiberglass EZ-change wet mop handle $26.66


3M™ Floor Pads:

20" black floor stripping pad $12.75/each

20" blue floor cleaning pad $12.75/each

20" red floor buffing pad $12.75/each

20" white floor polishing pad $12.75/each

We also carry a variety of different sizes.



                        Glass & Surface Cleaning          


Clear Vu is a ready to use ammonia free glass and surface cleaner.  Spray on and simply wipe with a microfiber cloth, squeegee, or clean paper towel.

                                             $8.50/4L     $30.85/20L

Kimberly Clark Wypall® 83630 glass microfiber cloths (can be laundered up to 300 times) 15.75"x15.75"

                                             $16.95/package of 6 cloths

We also carry brass squeegees in various sizes.





               Garbage Bags


30x38 xstrong black 125/case $25.27

30x38 xstrong clear V03709 125/case $34.41

35x50 xstrong black 100/case $29.44

35x50 xstrong clear  100/case $37.83

35x50 xstrong orange 100/case $69.84





Activ8 is a non-toxic, purely organiganic bacteria that quickly and effectively digest organic waste while speeding up the decomposition of waste matter.  When Activ8 is used in septic and holding tank applications it quickly boosts the natural bacteria content to eliminate odors and reduce pump-outs.  It also aids in preventing build-up.  Great for campers, trailers, port-a-potties, outhouses, etc.

                  $12.95/1L     $29.95/4L



                  Am-quat  10


              HEALTH CANADA DIN  02497891


Am-Quat 10 is a broad spectrum, virucidal hard surface disinfectant that is expected to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19). This is a super concentrated formula.  (1L of concentrate makes approximately 180L of ready to use product - saving the planet by using alot less packaging)

                  $28.95/1L      $78.95/4L





Safeguard is a broad-spectrum virucidal hard surface cleaner/disinfectant that is expected to inactive the SARS-Co9V-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19).  Safeuard is also used to kill mold and mildew on hard surfaces.

                Health Canada  DIN: 0247980

                      $9.15/1L     $28.60/4L 



          PC Hand Sanitizer


PC Hand Sanitizer contains NO additives, cancer causing carcinogens, or bad odors.  We use USP grade Isopropanol and have a minimum of 70% alcohol. Available in Gel or Liquid


           Liquid:  $15.95/1L     $54.95/4L

             Gel:  $21.95/1L     $66.85/4L


Steryll Touchless 1.5L Bulk Liquid Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with built in infrared motion activated sensor and powered either by a usb cord (included) or 3AA batteries (not included).  Can be wall mounted or attached to a telescopic stand.


         Dispenser $65.00        Stand $85.00