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February/March 2019  Winter Cleaning Specials





    RPM is an environmentally friendly and versatile liquid cleaner/degreaser.  It is specially formulated to effectively and safely degrease parts and hard surfaces.  RPM can also be used as a pressure wash detergent to wash down oil field equipment, vehicles, and buildings.  RPM is a readily biodegradable and safe to use on all hard surfaces.


                                                 $17.95/4L          $85.65/20L        




               Kitchen Supplies


  Dish Clean Liquid concentrate for commercial dishwashing machines.

               $16.95/3.8L          $69.95/20L

 Rins-it a highly concentrated rinse aid for commercial dishwashing machines

               $28.61/4L          $138.96/20L

Sodium Hypochlorite solution for sanitizing. NSF rated

               $18.95/4L             $59.95/20L

Chlorine test strips 100/bottle   $18.95/bottle




                      Push Brooms


This stiff sweep synthetic broom is ideal for mud, gravel, snow, wet or dry conditions and is also solvent and oil resistant.  By changing the handle to the other side of the block occasionally, as there are two threaded holes, will make it that the fibers of the broom wear evenly making the broom head last longer.

These prices include a 60" metal threaded tipped wooden handle and a broom brace.

          24" complete push broom $26.55

          36" complete push broom $43.35


          Polar Plus Ice Melt


This patented formula melts below -22C.  It works longer than the competitive brands, leaving no oily residue.  Less harmful to grass, trees, and shrubs when used as directed.  Green soluble marker dye show where product was applied to prevent over spreading.

                      $18.95/20kg bag



            Paper Products


Pur Value kraft universal roll towel 8"x600'/roll           12 roll/case     


Pur Value white universal roll towel 8"x600'/roll       12 rolls/case     


GP54338 GP PRO™ Universal Push-Paddle Paper Towel Dispenser:  This high capacity, smoke color, push paddle dispenser holds an 8" diameter roll which will cut down on labor costs and help maintain user satisfaction.  The contemporary design and durability fits perfectly in a variety of markets.     


WYPALL® X80 These hdroknit durable wipes absorb more water and oil than textile shop rags and stay strong for superior performance. Use them for heavy duty machine/parts wiping, wiping metal shavings, prepping surfaces with solvents and cleaning rough surfaces.  After all, every business gets dirty, but for the toughest grease and grime, you can trust WYPALL X80 cloths.  Blue wiper in a convenient brag box 160 wipers/box     

                                $37.36/brag box


       Wave 3D Urinal Screens


The unique design of these screens eliminates installation error and reduces back splash.   The Wave 3D releases billions of optimized bacteria and more than twice the fragrance over 30 days to keep the urinal and restroom smelling fresh.  They also have a week and month tab as a friendly reminder when to change the screen.  Fragrances available:  Cotton Blossom, Cucumber Melon, Herbal Mint, Kiwi Grapefruit, Mango, Spiced Apple, and Wintergreen.


                    $44.30/case  (10 screens/case)