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February/March 2023 Monthly Specials



                             Floor Cleaning


Green Apple Action - an all purpose neutral detergent that makes wall washing, floor scrubbing and mopping easy.  It will not strip waxes or floor finish.

                                          $12.95/4L          $51.80/20L

AGF 1620 industrial grade n/b cotton cut end wet mop.  $9.65/each

AGF 1675 - 60" fiberglass handle with EZ-Change polymer connector features locking lever that allows the user to release a dirty mop without having to touch it.  Use with any narrow band mop heads.     $32.69/each

Marino Vileda MA2633 26-32 quart durable stain resistant one piece construction bucket with down press wringer combo.  Accomodates mops 12-32 oz.    $175.90/each



                          Valentine's or Easter Gift


Worx hand cleaning kit - Dispenser will hold 1 lb of worx powder hand cleaner (approximately 320 hand washes), it has an easy push button design for accurate dosage. Also includes a 184gr (6.5oz) biodegradable worx hand cleaner.  Great  for the garage of small shops.  

                                              $29.95/kit (limited stock)




                            Entrance Matting    


Poly-tuft™ Matting - is cut pile matting that can be added to your entrance to catch the fine particles and remaining moisture.  Edged on all sides on stock sizes.  Will not curl up. Available in brown, charcoal, red, blue, and green.

  3'x4' - $62.05     3'x5' - $77.60     3'x6' - $93.10     3'x10' - $155.15

  4'x6' - $124.15     4'x8' - $165.50     4'x10' - $206.80     4'x12' - $245.15

Custom cuts and other matting available (anit-fatigue, gritstop, style-point, etc.)


                  Safeguard Detergent/Disinfectant


Safeguard is a broad-spectrum virucidal hard surface cleaner/disinfectant that is expected to inactive the SARS-CoV-2 virus )the virus that causes COVID-19). Approved by the Gov't of Canada DIN:0247980.  This is a great cleaner for the bathroom-sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, etc.

                                     1L- $9.15 each or 12x1L $90.60/case

                                      4L - $28.60/each or 4x4L $98.60/case


          Am-Quat 10 Disinfectant/No Rinse Sanitizer


Am-Quat 10 is a highly concentrated quaternary sanitizer that provides cost wise protection on hard surfaces with low residue, it is also food safe at its diluted rate. One capful from the 1L bottle (5.5ml) makes approximately 1L of RTU hospital grade disinfectant.  Approved by the Gov't of Canada  DIN: 02497891  Get option to help in reducing plastic wastes.


                                   1L - $23.95                    4L - $72.95


1L Micro Fogger/Sprayer (rechargable with USB cord)     $50.00/each


               Polar Plus Natural Ice Melt Crystals


Polar Plus contains Calcium Chloride - the best ice melter ingredient, green soluble marker so that you don't over spread and will not harm vegetation, pets, etc. when used as directed.

                                                    $21.95/20kg bag



                           KWA Vehicle Wash


KWA - A high foaming concentrated vehicle wash detergent that has quality cleaning and rinsing capability.  Good freeze protection in the winter.

                                             $89.95/20L          $794.65/204L


                                Just Hand Soap


Just Hand Soap - this product contains no perfume and is readily biodegradable.  An economical hand cleanser for use in public washrooms.     $16.95/4L

Bulk Soap Dispensers:

ClearVu Encore® lotion soap dipenser - unique water resistant top, ideal for showers, accomodates a wide variety of liquid and lotion soaps, see thru tank holds approximately      30 oz.     $32.05

Impact® Foam-eeze® bulk foam soap dispenser with refillable bottle 1L capacity $46.95

Impact® Hands Free Bulk Soap dispenser with 3 dispensing options- comes with foaming valve installed and can be changed to dispense lotion soap or gel hand sanitizer or a valve that sprays liquid sanitizers.  Dispenser uses 6 AA batteries (not included)  $98.00


We reserve the right to immediately increase prices should we receive no notication from our suppliers.


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