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April/May 2024 Monthly Specials



                             General Cleaning


Mango Action - all purpose neutral cleaner that is safe to use on all hrd flooring surfaces and will not strip the finsh leaving a fresh mango scent.

                                             $14.95/4L         $64.80/20L


All In One - a multi-purpose cleaner that meets all your cleaning needs quickly and effectively.  Can be diluted to clean kitchen stove/hoods, engines, tires, steam cleaning, wax stripping, tile grout, showers, fiberglass, smoke damage, floor mats.etc.

                                              $24.85/4L         $112.20/20L


Globe 3087 20 oz syn-pro cut end n/b wet mop low linting.   $8.95/each

White Swan 01890 Kitchen Towel 11"x90sht/rl 24/case    $56.80/case

Nitriforce Pro 5mil nitrile gloves powder free blue 100/box  $10.70/box                           


                                Vehicle Care


Liquid Purge - an economical alkaline car wash detergent for wand wash applications that effectively removes road film and grime off the vehicles surface. 

                                            $66.79/20L          $585.14/204L     


Radiance - a water based high gloss tire and vinyl dressling which provides excellent coverage, a nice shine to tires and leather/vinyl interiors

                                             $46.95/4L         $220.65/20L


                             Garbage Bags


35x50 Black Extra Strong Garbage Bags 100/case     $38.15

35x50 Clear Extra Strong Garbage Bags 100/case     $47.60


                               Hand Soap


Just Hand Soap - this product contains no perfume and is readily bio-degradable.  An economical hand cleanser for use in public washrooms.



We reserve the right to immediately increase prices should we receive no notification from our suppliers.

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