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October /November 2019 Fall Cleaning Specials



                      Green Apple Action


An all purpose neutral cleaner that is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  Safe to use on all flooring surfaces and will not strip finish.

                                            $12.77/4L     $48.42/20L


Vileda 134813 Cotton Cut End narrow band 20 oz Wet Mop  $6.95/each   

AGF 1675 60" Fiberglass EZ-Change Wet Mop Handle     $28.14/each




        Airworks® 3.0 Passive


              Air Care System


This air care system covers 5000 cubic feet of ambient air and requires no batteries.  Each refill cartridge will last for up to 60 days. Scents available: mango, fruit basket, fresh garden

                            $83.67/case (6 per case)

                            $5.00/each for dispenser



   Poly-Tuft™Entrance Matting



This edged 100% polypropylene vinyl backed cut pile wiper matting that can be added to your entrance system to catch the fine particles and remaining moisture. Available in brown, charcoal, red, blue and green.

3'x4'     $46.97          4'x6'     $93.95

3'x5'     $58.71          4'x8'     $125.26

3'x6'     $70.46          4'x10'    $156.58

3'x10'     $117.44



         Gritstop Fingermat™


A rubber construction super scraper fingers and containment well perform in the worst heavy siol and snow environments.  Good flexibility even in low temperatures.

24"x32"     $37.59          36"x60"     $120.44

32"x39"     $66.23          36"x72"     $127.22



          Polar Plus Ice Melt


This patented formula melts below -22C.  It works longer than the competitive brands, leaving no oily residue.  Less harmfull to grass, trees, and shrubs when used as directed.  Green soluble marker dye shows where product has been applied so less chance of over using.

                      $19.95/20kg Bag



     Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner


 This vehicle carpet and upholstery cleaner can be used through a commercial carpet extractor or sprayed directly to help remove soils and stains.  For spray on applications, simply apply with a brush into the carpet or fabric and mop up with a clean white microfiber cloth. (do a test spot prior to full application)

                  $11.18/4L          $48.47/20L

Limited quantity availble so act fast before it is gone


            Rins-it Rinse Aid


Effective rinse agent for automatic dish washing systems.  Rins-it effectively sheets water off dishes and glassware to eliminate water spotting and gives you crystal clear dishes.

                 $30.52/4L          $138.00/20L

Ask us about our Dish Clean Liquid and NSF rated Sanitizer.


    Tuff-Job™ 4ply Reinforced


                 Scrim Wipers



These wipers offer multi-ply high wet strength paper for superior absorbency.  Engineered with a polyester scrim webbing within the plies of the paper to add extra strength and durability for medium duty clean ups. Excellent for use on glass. 9.75"x275'/rl 6/case



Limited quantity available so act fast