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December/January 2024 Monthly Specials



                     Safeguard Cleaner/Disinfectant


Safeguard is a broad spectrum virucidal hard surface cleaner/disinfectant that is expected to inactive the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Approved by the Gov't of Canada DIN: 0247980

This is a great product for cleaning showers, sinks, chairs, etc.- cleans and disinfects so saves you a step.

                                       $28.60/4L or $98.60/case (4x4L)


                      Am-quat 10 Quat Sanitizer


Am-quat 10 is a highly concentrated quaternary sanitizer that provides cost wise protection on hard surfaces with low residue. It is also food safe at its diluted rate of 200ppm (8ml to 4L of water).  Can be used at the 200ppm for sanitizing tables, chairs, counters, etc.                   General Disinfection dilution 22ml to 4L water, Hospital Disinfection dilution 32.5ml to 4L water. Surfaces must be cleaned from dirt, grime, and soils prior to sanitizing.

DIN: 02497891

                                             $18.95/1L         $64.95/4L


1L Micro Fogger/Sprayer Rechargeable  $50.00

Quat Test strips $18.95/package

Just Hand Soap bulk fragrance free lotion soap   $15.45/4L

Purell 12 oz Advanced hand rub 12/case  $113.35/case

Facial Tissue 102544 2ply 100 sheets/box 30 boxes/case  $33.90/case

(other refills are available for various dispensers please contact our office)



                               Party Supplies


7" Eco Paper Plates 1000case                                                                       $119.35

9" Eco Paper Plates 500/case                                                                        $ 86.99

10" Eco Paper Plates 500/case                                                                      $115.99

Dispenser Napkins 1ply 9000/case                                                                $ 73.65

10 oz White Single Walled Hot Cup 1000/case                                              $112.38

12 oz White Single Walled Hot Dup 1000/case                                              $122.05

12 oz Insulated Hot Cup 1000/case                                                                $187.05                                                                                                      



                             KWA Vehicle Wash   


KWA is a high foaming concentrated vehicle wash detergent that has quality cleaning and rinsing capabilities.  It also has a good freeze protection in winter.

                                       $83.20/20L          $794.65/204L


                               Stocking Stuffers


Worx Powder Hand Cleaning Kit - tough on grime and easy on the hands.  6.5 oz bottle of Worx and 1 lb dispenser  $21.95 (Regular $44.45) Ltd. Stock  Bulk pouch available for refill.

RPM Racing Kit  The Essentials $89.95 (Regular $129.99)

Chemical resistant Orange PVC coated 12" gauntlet cuff, rough finish.  PVC coating will stay soft and flexible in cold working environments, resistant to oil, acids, caustics, and alcohols.  One Size   $5.50/pair

 Samurai Nemesis fully coated latex durable work gloves m/l/xl  $4.25/pair

(We carry a wide variety of gloves so if you are looking for something specific please contact our office.)




EnvironMelt® combines the most effective deicing ingredients; creating the desired reaction to initiate deicing and melfdown.  Safer to handle and easy to use. Time-released formula stays on the surface area longer which helps to control the freeze/thaw cycle. 50 lb bag     

                                                $21.95/50lb bag                   



                                  Odds and Ends



12"x7"x22" White Reusable T-shirt Bag 500/case                                                $81.20

644434 White Universal Roll Towel 8"x800' 6/case                                              $46.50

644403 White Singlefold Towel 16x250/case                                                       $46.08

Purofy RTU odor Eliminator 4L                                                                            $24.95

(Available in springfresh, spearmint, vanilla, new car, and mango)


Green Apple Action -neutral all purpose detergent that will not strip the floor finish.

                                            $13.95/4L         $51.80/20L

 We reserve the right to immediately increase prices should we receive no notificaton from our suppliers.

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