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   February/ March 2018 Cleaning Specials



                                 Paper Products


   White Swan® 01650 Professional Kitchen Towels work beyond the kitchen: wiping windows, tables, paint preparation, spill clean up, etc.  Individually poly wrapped rolls, 90 sheets/roll 24 rolls/case         

                 $39.09/case 1- 4 Cases     $36.57/case 5 + Cases

35x50 Clear Strong Garbage Bags great for spring clean-up 125/case $32.65/case

35x50 Black 3mil contractor Garbage Bags 100/case $44.95




          Polar Plus Icemelter


  This patented formula melts below -22C.  It works longer than the competitive brands, leaving no oily residue.  Less harmful to grass, trees, and shrubs when used as directed.  Green soluble marker dye shows where product was applied.    

                         $18.95/20kg bag



    Gritstop Finger Mats™


These rubber super scraper finger mats help to protect your floors by helping remove the dirt and snow before coming into the building.  Good UV and ozone resistance and good flexibility even in low temperatures.  Just pick up and shake out.

24"x32"  $35.50 each

32"x39"  $62.55 each

36"x60"  $113.70 each

36"x72"  $120.15 each           


       Safety Supplies


Sanitec now carries an assortment of Safety Supplies (safety glasses, goggles, and safety vests)

Techno EP850 Safety Glasses Clear: low profile shape, high 9 base curve for better cover and wide field of view, made of lightweight non-conductive high impact polycarbonate material, absorbs more than 99.9% of harmful UV light, and CSA Z94.3-7 certified and meets and/or exceeds ANSI Z87.1 requirements

                026-EP850C $3.89/pair

Safety Goggle 026-00720 ANSI approved, anti-fog lens coating, panoramic field of vision, safety spectacles can be worn underneath, soft PVC frame and face flange for maximum comfort, indirect ventilation permits free air circulation while preventing liquid and particulate contamination, and neoprene strap resists chemicals and solvents. 

                026-00720  $7.80 each

Mesh, 5-Point Tear-Away Orange Safety Vest - 100% polyester mesh body, four front storage pockets, extra strong edging tape, D-ring access slot and radio clips, retroreflective tape in 4" contrast fluorescent configuration L/X (42"-48" chest measurement)

                022-TV5PKTA L/X $15.12 each



            All Clean 100


An all purpose commercial and household neutral cleaner.  All Clean 100 is a streak free, neutral detergent that is safe on all hard surface flooring while providing superior cleaning.  It can be used to wash down walls, counters, cabinets, and leather surfaces without affecting paint and pigments.

                        $15.88/4L    $68.35/20L


              Lemon Brite 


A low foaming dish detergent for hand washing dishes that is tough on stuck on grease and grime and gentle on skin.  Low foaming means less water needed for rinsing, does not mean doesn't clean just because there is less foam.

              $16.99/4L          $79.84/20L


Microworks 16"x16" microfiber cloths available in blue, green, red, yellow, and orange.

                      12/package $15.00


Door Fresh Odor Control System


Scalable odor control for any restroom.  Use the Brain at the entrance door and place 1 Drone in each stall at the odor source.  The Brain's replacement system tells you when to replace both the Brain's and Drones air freshener refills.  Layered fragrances provide unparelleled performance for the restroom at a low cost.  No batteries required in the Drones or refills. The unique design uses airflow created by the doors opening and closing which gradually releases the fragrance for 30 days.

Scents Available: Spring Rain, Clean Breeze, Sun Ripened Raspberry, and Sweet Pea.


                The Brain $15.93 each

                The Drone $6.91 each

                Refills $4.26 each