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April/May 2022 Monthly Specials




                              Floor Care Products



Push Brooms - This s not your ordinary push broom!  This all-purpose synthetic fill push broom has an unbreakable flexible connector so no need for another brace and comes complete with a 1 1/8" wood handle.  Great for smooth and concrete floors and is solvent, oil, and moisture resistant.  Available in the following sizes:


               18" Broom $43.50     24" Broom $46.50     30" Broom $52.70


Dust Mops:

AGF 5" rugged industrial breakaway dust mop frame and handle:

AGF 12624 24" frame and handle $37.20

AGF 12636 36" frame and handle $43.80


Astrolene cut end slip on dust mop head is a blend of 4 synthetic fibers that are tightly twisted and heat set.  this mop resists fraying, doesn't lint and stands up in the wash.  It comes pretreated with velva sheen dust control treatment.

AGF 12824 24" dust mop head $33.85

AGF 12836 36" dust mop head $50.80

AGF 784 Large Sweep Ezy Broom c/w 48" metal handle $14.75


                       Glass & Suface Cleaning



Clear Vu is a ready to use ammonia free glass and surface cleaner.  Spray on and simply wipe with a microfiber cloth, squeegee, or clean paper towel.

                                                  $7.99/$L          $32.85/20L


Kimberly Clark Wypall® 83630  glass microfiber cloths (can be laundered up to 300 times) 15.75"x15.75" 

                                                  $17.95/package of 6


Brass window squeegees available upon request





Safeguard is a broad spectrum virucidal hard surface cleaner/disinfectant that is expected to inactivate the SARS-CoV2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19)  Approved by the Government of Canada  DIN: 0247980.  You save 1.178kg of pastic waste by buying 1L of safeguard concentrate and 4.96kg of plastic waste when you but a 4L of safeguard concentrate.

                                                $9.15/1L     or     $90.60/case (12x1L)

                                             $28.60/4L      or     $98.60/case (4x4L)     


                                 Am-quat 10        



Am-quat 10 is a quaternary sanitizer that provides cost wise protection on hard surfaces with low residue, it is also food sae at its diluted rate.  ONE CAPFUL (5.5ml) makes approximately 1L of RTU hospital grade disinfectant. (Approved by the Government of Canada  DIN: 02497894)  1L makes approximately 180L of RTU product - that equals saving alot of plastics.

                                                  $28.95/1L         $78.95/4L


24 oz high density  bottle with dilution rations oz/ml  $1.75

Trigger Sprayer 9" self-venting to prevent bottle collapsing $1.75


                            Just Hand Soap



Just Hand Soap is perfume free and readily biodegradable. Washes away dirt and grime without the big price tag.  Great for offices, schools, etc.



W9330   30 oz bulk soap dispenser Clear Vu   $29.95/each




Activ8 is a nontoxic, purely organic bacteria that quickly and effectively digests organic waste while speeding up the decomposition of waste matter.  When Activ8 is used in septic and holding tank applications it quickly boosts the natural bacteria content to eliminate odors and reduce pump-outs.  It also aids in preventing build-up.  Great for campers, trailers, port-a-potties, outhouses, etc.


                                                   $12.95/1L     $29.95/4L