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June/July 2019  Spring/Summer Cleaning Specials



                      Summer Party Supplies



Ketchup Packets 500/case - $21.75

Mustard Packets 500/case -  $17.41

Relish Packets 500/case - $30.97

Pepper Packets 6000/case - $47.02

Salt Packets 6000/case - $23.56

Powder Creamer Packets 1000/case - $54.33

Sugar Packets 2000/case - $30.75


Plates, Cups, & Napkins:

Royal Chinette Paper Plates 6 3/4" 1000/case - $112.13

Royal Chinette Paper Plates 8 3/4" 500/case - $76.17

8J8  8 oz Foam Cups 1000/case - $39.30

TP12  12-14 oz Clear Plastic Cups 1000/case - $141.9

07401 Luncheon Napkins 1 Ply 1/4 Fold 6000/case - $68.21




              NEW PRODUCT


ACTIV8 is a nontoxic, purely organic bacteria that quickly and effectively digests organic waste while speeding up the decomposition of waste matter.  When Activ8 is used in septic and holding tank applications it quickly boosts the natural bacteria content to eliminate odors and reduce pump-outs.  It also aids in preventing sludge buildup.

                    $12.99/1L          $29.95/4L


                      Center Pull Paper Towel


Tork SCA121202 advanced soft centerfeed hand towel 2ply white, 600'/roll    6 rolls/case   $50.41

Tork SCA120133 advanced centerfeed hand towel 1ply white 984'/roll 6rolls/case      $56.98

Tork 559028A black centerfeed dispenser in Elevation Design $30.89





            Bug Remover


 A powerful concentrate designed as a bucket wash or for window wash buckets at service stations.  Its unique concentrated formula makes cutting through bugs easy, while providing a streak free shine. 

                  $14.95/3.8L          $57.63/20L


            Sorbent Pads


White oil only heavy weight dimpled perforated sorbent pads.  100/bundle

1-4 bundles $67.34          5+ bundles $62.85

Grey universal heavy weight dimpled perforated sorbent pads 100/bundle

1-4 bundles $69.69         5+ bundles $65.04


                 Super Blue


A creme based bathroom cleaner that offers streak free cleaning for chrome, mirrors, glass, toilets, sinks, and tubs.  Super Blue removes even the toughest of soap scum with ease and leaves bathrooms with a great citrus scent.

                      $9.85/1L          $29.95/4L