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December/January 2021 Monthly Specials



                               Floor Cleaning



Green Apple Action - All purpose neutral cleaner that is safe to use on all flooring surfaces and will not strip the finish.  100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

                                            $12.77/4L          $48.42/20L


AGF 1620 Cotton narrow band wet mop.  This is an industrial grade wet mop for general purpose cleaning.  Manufactured with high grade cotton yarn, which is extremely absorbent with excellent floor drying qualities.  All cotton mops must be broken in by soaking in water overnight to remove natural oils and debris.  Cut end mops are not recommended for laundering.  Can be rinsed and hung to dry between uses. 

                                                            $7.65 each


The EZ-Change™ - This 60" fiberglass handle with the no touch connector is made from high-impact polymers.  It is considiered our premium connector for narrow band wet mops. 

                                                         $28.14 each






Summitis a low phosphate premium laundry detergent.  Designed to keep white whites and prevent fading in fabrics.  Great for commercial laundry applications.  Can be use in HE machines.

                  $85.65/16kg reclosable pail


Fabric Softener - a highly concentrated fabric softener that is biodegradable and effective in all water conditions.  Contains no dye and has a very mild fragrance.

                   $12.18/4L         $49.64/20L    


     White Swan® Facial Tissue



White Swan® 2ply facial tissue is packaged in a flat pack carton which fits into a recessed wall dispenser. Easy flow poly window allows smooth one at a time dispensing while reducing paper dust and the risk of cross contamination. There are 100 sheets/box 30 boxes/case






            Polar Plus Ice Melter


This patented formula melts below -22C.  It works longer than the competitive brands, leaving no oily residue.  Less harmful to grass, trees, and shrubs when used as directed.  Green soluble marker dye shows where product was applied.

                             $19.95/20kg Bag






Safeguard is a broad-spectrum virucidal hard surface cleaner/disinfectant that is expected to inactive the SARS-Co9V-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19)

                           DIN: 0247980

                    $9.15/1L     $28.60/4L 



          PC Hand Sanitizer


PC Hand Sanitizer contains NO additives, cancer causing carcinogens, or bad odors.  We use USP grade Isopropanol and have a minimum of 70% alcohol. Available in Gel or Liquid


Liquid:  $15.95/1L     $54.95/4L

Gel:  $21.95/1L     $66.85/4L