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June/July 2021 Monthly Specials



                     New Item: 24" Push Broom



This is not your ORDINARY push broom!  This all-purpose synthetic fill 24" push broom has an unbreakable flexible connector so no need for another brace and comes with a 1 1/8" wood handle.  Great for smooth and concrete floors and it is solvent, oil, and moisture resistant.



                                   All In One



All In One is a multi-purpose cleaner that meets all your cleaning needs quickly and effectively.  Can be diluted to clean kitchen stove/hoods, chrome, plastic, leather, nicotine buildup, engines, tires, steam cleaning, wax stripping, tile grout, showers, fiberglass, smoke damage, floor mats, degreasing, etc.


                                               $19.95/4L         $89.75/20L




Action all-purpose neutral cleaner is safe to use on all hard flooring surfaces and will not strip the finish.

                                                $17.95/4L         $76.95/20L


We carry a wide variety of mops, bucket/wringers, and handles.





               Paper Products


Scott® Essential 2ply bath tissue is the ideal blend of terrific performance and value. Individually paper wrapped rolls 550 sheets per roll 40/case

     1-5 cases $38.95       10+ cases $36.15


Tork universal Kraft singlefold towels fits all standard singlefold towel dispensers and provides a second fold creating a second 1/2" tab to aid one at a time dispensing.  250 sheets/package 16pkg/case

     1-5 cases $32.15     10+ cases $30.05





Activ8 is a non-toxic, purely organiganic bacteria that quickly and effectively digest organic waste while speeding up the decomposition of waste matter.  When Activ8 is used in septic and holding tank applications it quickly boosts the natural bacteria content to eliminate odors and reduce pump-outs.  It also aids in preventing build-up.  Great for campers, trailers, port-a-potties, outhouses, etc.

                  $12.95/1L     $29.95/4L



                  Am-quat  10


              HEALTH CANADA DIN  02497891


Am-Quat 10 is a broad spectrum, virucidal hard surface disinfectant that is expected to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19). This is a super concentrated formula.  (1L of concentrate makes approximately 180L of ready to use product - saving the planet by using alot less packaging)

                  $28.95/1L      $78.95/4L



         Pacific Blue Select™ 


Pacific Blue Select™ Surface System Wiper Bucket and Disposable Surface System Refill


This re-sealable wiper bucket has a tight fitting lid that helps eliminate the risk of spills.  The bucket protects the unused wipers and dispenses one disposable 12"x12" multi-layered wiper at a time to help prevent cross contamination. This system allows the user to add there preferred sanitizer, disinfectant, or solvents.  Each roll has 90 sheets.


     $21.95/kit (one bucket/one refill wiper roll)



          PC Hand Sanitizer


PC Hand Sanitizer contains NO additives, cancer causing carcinogens, or bad odors.  We use USP grade Isopropanol and have a minimum of 70% alcohol. Available in Gel or Liquid


           Liquid:  $15.95/1L     $54.95/4L

             Gel:  $21.95/1L     $66.85/4L


Steryll Touchless 1.5L Bulk Liquid Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with built in infrared motion activated sensor and powered either by a usb cord (included) or 3AA batteries (not included).  Can be wall mounted or attached to a telescopic stand.


         Dispenser $56.00        Stand $63.00


Steryll 1L manual bulk gel dispenser $28.95