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June/July Monthly Specials



                                     New Products


                                   AM-QUAT 10


Am-quat 10 is a broad-spectrum virucidal hard surface disinfectant that is expected to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19)


Am-quat 10 is designed specifically for hospitals, food processing plants, dairies, restaurants, bars, animal quarters, kennels and institutions where disinfection, sanitization, and deodorization is of prime importance.  When used as directed, this product is formulated to disinfect precleaned inanimate, hard surfaces such as walls, floors, sink tops, tables, chairs, bed frames, etc.

This product deodorizes those areas which generally are hard to keep fresh smelling, such as garbage storage areas, empty garbage bins and cans, pet areas and any other areas which are prone to odor caused by microorganisms.

In addition this product can also be used to sanitize previously cleaned food grade eggs in shell egg and egg product processing plants.

General/Hospital Disinfection:  dilute 22ml Am-quat 10 to 4 litres of water (surfaces must be cleanerd from dirt, grime and soils)

Hospital Disinfection (sanitizing blood/body fluids) - dilute 32.5ml Am-quat 10 to 4 litres of water and apply to cleaned surface (806ppm) 

Virus (10 minute contact time)  Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (hIV-1) (5% blood serum)

Sanitization (Restaurant/Food Processing)  dilute 8ml Am-quat 10 to 4L of water and apply to cleaned surface (200ppm solution)

This is a concentrate so a little goes a long way.  1L makes approximately 180L Ready To Use Product


                                              $28.95/1L         $78.95/4L





A 70% isopropyl alcohol based hand sanitizer containing moisturizers and skin conditioners.  Great for use in nursing homes, food plants, hospitals, office, stores, restaurants, etc. where sanitation is a high priority.  It can be used on gloved or bare hands.  Simply dispense 3ml of Sani Hands onto hands and rub together until dry.  1L Bulk





 Safeguard is a heavy duty cleaner, disinfectant, and santizer formulated to disinfect inanimate hard surfaces.  Safeguard is also used to kill mold and mildew on hard surfaces.



                Liquid Enzyme


Liquid Enzyme is an all-natural, organic bacteria  concentrate that is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.  Liquid Enzyme can be used as a deodorant to digest odor-causing bacteria to actually get rid of the odor and not just mask it.  Liquid Enzyme is also effective as a laundry additive to keep whites white, a sump or septic treatment to break down waste, remove organic waste, and as a staing remover for pet stains, food stains, and blood.  It is extremely versatile and will digets any organic matter.


           $32.15/4L         $133.50/20L




            Garbage Bags


20x22 Regular Black 500/case $20.66

20x22 Regular White 500/case $29.51

22x24 Regular Black 500/case $26.01

22x24 Regular White 500/case $35.63

26x36 Regular Black 250/case $23.23

26x36 Xstrong Black 150/case $26.16



          Center Pull Paper Towel


Tork Advanced soft centerfeed hand towel offer one-at-a-time service and reduces waste.  Touch only the dispensing towel reduces cross contamination.

SCA121202 2ply 600'/roll 6/case  $50.56

SCA120133 1ply 984'/rl 6/case    $57.94


Tork Centerfeed Dispenser in Elevation Design is an ideal solutionn for high traffic washrooms that seek an efficient hand towel solution that controls consumption and reduces waste.

SCA559028A dispenser $30.89                 



        Glass Cleaning Products


Clear Vu is a ready to use ammonia free glass cleaner.  Spray on and simply wipe with a microfiber cloth, squeegee, or clean paper towel.

                      $8.50/4L     $30.85/20L


AGF HC0067 Window cleaning bucket 10"x20" comes with 4 wheels    $44.90

Brass hand- window squeegee (134951) $13.95

12" brass channel/rubber (139789) $9.50

16" brass channel/rubber $18.40

14"AGF 36914 golden glove complete $39.50

Mixed cotton rags 20lb box $13.92

Kimberly Clark Wypall 83630 glass microfiber cloths (can be laundered up to 300 times) 16x16

                            $15.70/package of 6